Ge Ming


                                                 1972  born in P. R. China  

                                                 Professor,  Vice Dean,  School of Architecture,  Southeast University

                                                 Ph.D. of Architectural School of Southeast University

                                                 Chief architect of Murmur Architecture Atelier


                                                 Editors of two architectural journals  Including Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering



Main Exhibitions


                                                 Architectural Biennial in Beijing                                                                                                    2004


                                                 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale                                                         2008 




Main Publications  

                                                 Raumplan                         Series Study on Design Method-Part One

                                                 Structure-ing                     Series Study on Design Method-Part Two

                                                 De-formal Planning        Series Study on Design Method-Part Three

                                                 Black                                          A Study on Conceptual Architecture